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Process automation : 4 reasons to take the leap !

Task tracking, transcription of paper forms, sorting operational data… What if an automation tool took care of it for you? In increasingly competitive markets, process automation is a real added value.

The use of technologies, such as SaaS platforms, allows you to automate time-consuming or complex tasks. No more time losses, process your data without any human intervention! Discover 4 reasons to switch to automation with MoveWORK Flow.

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1. Automation Tool: Time and Efficiency Gain

MoveWORK Flow and its mobile applications are the perfect allies to boost the productivity of your agents. Serving as true co-pilots, these solutions reduce the time spent on monotonous tasks and enhance process efficiency.

  • Timekeeping: Paper-based attendance tracking, loss of attendance sheets, forgetfulness… What if all these uncertainties became a thing of the past? With a mix of clocking methods, our solution enables the digitization of your attendance records. Regardless of the location, with or without a connection, timekeeping is achievable. Shift handovers are quick and immediate. In case of lateness or absence, automated alerts notify the site supervisor.

Moreover, automated timekeeping streamlines payroll creation and management. Your HR managers will finally stop pulling their hair out! Digitalization allows for precise timekeeping, eliminating transcription errors. Your agents are thus paid rightfully, and your clients billed accordingly. MoveWORK Flow can interface with your business tools for limitless traceability.

  • Intervention: How to ensure the proper implementation of your specifications? With MoveWORK Flow, all interventions are facilitated. Thanks to the MyMissions application, your agents have a precise job sheet specific to the intervention site. In case of unpredictable events or exceptional services, the job sheet is remotely editable, and changes are automatically applied. If an agent detects an anomaly in the field, MoveWORK Flow automatically triggers corrective actions. Real-time alerts are sent to notify the relevant parties.

Managing service activities is also simplified. Forget about hundreds of WhatsApp messages, calls throughout the day, and headaches in tracking interventions! All requests are centralized in one platform. Their tracking and processing are accessible in real-time, wherever you are.

2. Automation: Cost Reduction

MoveWORK Flow promotes the automation of inventory and material resource management. Using connected sensors, our platform measures the capacity of your equipment in real-time. With these indicators, there’s no need to check every day!

Replace consumables only when necessary. Our automation tool streamlines costs, anticipates your orders, and prevents product wastage.

Automation also helps to limit labor costs. Employee movements are reduced and carried out only when necessary. Human resources are now allocated to high-value tasks, and intervention schedules are optimized. Digitalization thus reduces the risk of errors, minimizes customer disputes, and avoids unforeseen costs.

3. Improved Service Quality with process automation

Handling a multitude of unstructured data often leads to errors. Delays, input mistakes, or data losses are part of the daily challenges for many companies. Conducting reliable checks without a suitable tool is also not easy. With MoveWORK Flow, make a difference and maximize customer satisfaction!

Process automation enhances your service quality. Digitalized quality checks allow you to precisely track whether regulatory standards have been met. No more hastily filled quality checks in a vehicle! Our platform certifies on-site control through geolocation.

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Monitor the quality of your services

On the automation front, MoveWORK Flow automatically generates clear reports in its interface. If the acceptability threshold is not met, automated alerts are sent to the right collaborators. Corrective actions can be automatically triggered for efficient handling of non-conformities. With customizable dashboards, identify bottlenecks to improve your processes.  

4. Boosting Competitiveness with an Automation Tool

With MoveWORK Flow, adapting to market changes will be effortless! Automation provides real flexibility and adaptability of processes. In case of a change, our platform allows you to easily modify your workflows and adjusts to your needs. Every challenge will find its solution!


An automation tool will provide you with significant competitive advantages. By automating low-value tasks, your teams can focus on strategic aspects. This operational time-saving results in increased market share, improved profitability, and better customer satisfaction.

Automation enhances competitiveness through strict adherence to compliance and security standards. Service quality is thus guaranteed, reinforcing customer trust in your company.

Optimize your service quality with MoveWORK Flow.