Optimize the experience of your collaborators with WoodWORK

True control center, WoodWORK offers a range of services to enhance the experience of your collaborators. Intervention requests, satisfaction surveys, or environmental indicators will be accessible at a glance. This efficient kiosk terminal brings together your suppliers and occupants in one tool.


Instant intervention request

Follow-up on agents interventions

Customer Satisfaction Management

 Quality control of spaces

Provides a unique customer experience


In your offices, at your points of sale, or in your public spaces, WoodWORK instantly delivers your proximity services.

Thanks to its customized configuration, your occupants will have access to a variety of specific services:

  • Ticketing
  • Maintenance interventions
  • Cleaning services
  • Refill of consumable
  • Material request

Access to past, current, and future interventions prevents duplications and facilitates the coordination of stakeholders. With WoodWORK, the possibilities for services are endless.


Interconnected, WoodWORK transmits customer requests in real-time to the MoveWORK Flow platform.

Thanks to data traceability, control your interventions remotely, monitor the processing of requests, and automate corrective actions.


More than just a service kiosk, WoodWORK provides a personalized intervention space.

At each location, your agents and suppliers can identify themselves, view intervention details, and report anomalies in MoveWORK Flow.


Interoperable with IoT devices and sensors, WoodWORK provides accurate indicators about your spaces.

Sound level, brightness, air quality, frequency flow… With WoodWORK, coordinate your actions to create an ideal environment.

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