People, places, services

Founded in 2010 in France, in Montpellier, MoveWORK is today the central and privileged partner for all companies that make facility service management a priority.

Contractors, facility managers, service providers, agents, occupants… They all interact and collaborate on our secure platform for collecting operating data and facility management.

Based on in-depth expertise in Big Data, AI and IoT technologies, our solution is nevertheless people-focused. It helps companies intelligently coordinate their activities and reveal the best of each team to achieve service performance and innovation.

Our purpose?

Provide better quality of life at work and in all public places.
Help companies rethink spaces and how they work collectively.

Value the women and men involved in managing and delivering the services of the future.

Values that drive us everyday

Since the beginning, MoveWORK’s DNA has been based on people.

Passion, innovation, simplicity, proximity and trust are values that inspire and motivate our employees, every day. They feed our corporate culture and our management model.

Embodying these values enables us to surpass ourselves and invest our enthusiasm and energy in your projects. Pooling our talents and skills, we innovate and enrich our profession to bring you ever more top-quality services and added value. In other words, we give you the satisfaction you crave. We are constantly putting ourselves in the shoes of our users to simplify our interfaces and services as much as possible. We use all our energy to build close, trusting relationships with our contacts.

For everyone’s benefit.

Building a more sustainable and united world

Our CSR strategy is built around 3 key directions and 15 engagements that define our priorities, guide our decisions and translate into concrete and engaging actions so that our teams can embrace their responsibility. With all of our stakeholders, we want Corporate Social Responsibility to be a reality incarnated and shared every day by everyone, not just empty words.


MoveWORK: a caring employer committed to collective success


MoveWORK: a responsible player in the circular economy


MoveWORK: trusted partner, creator of sustainable solutions and services

MoveWORK in the world