5 tips to save time with task automation

automatisation des taches

Every day, you lose valuable hours performing repetitive manual tasks. Inputting data into an Excel spreadsheet, responding to customer requests, creating analysis charts… All these tasks drain your energy and slow down your performance. The solution to this problem? Task automation. Thanks to intelligent platforms, digitizing and processing your data automatically is possible! Discover our […]

Automate your HAS schedules : more efficient management

plannings ASH

In the medical sector, Hospital Service Agents (HAS) play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities. Their work is often demanding and includes critical tasks such as cleaning rooms, disinfecting operating rooms, and maintaining common areas. Their missions contribute to the safety and well-being of patients by reducing the proliferation of bacteria. […]

Task automation : become more efficient

automatisation des taches

Entering data into your Excel sheets, responding to a client request, sending an agent to replace the water cooler bottle… What if all these tasks were automatic? Don’t waste your time with repetitive actions, choose task automation! By digitizing intervention processes, both your performance and that of your colleagues will experience significant improvement. MoveWORK offers […]

How to set up an automated system for your interventions ?

système automatisé

How much time do you lose every day with manual and time-consuming tasks?Whole hours! Collecting work hours on time sheets, transcribing paper quality checks onto your digital tools, attempting to analyze endless Excel spreadsheets… All these non-value-added actions make you unproductive. Digitalization is the most effective way to optimize your performance. Automation, on the other […]

The best software to automate your spreadsheets and tables

logiciel automatiser tableau tableur

Excel is the most used spreadsheet software. However, its functions are limited, and filling Excel spreadsheets can be time-consuming. Regardless of the industry, data analysis and the calculation of numerical indicators are nevertheless indispensable. What if you could collect your data in real-time, digitize them instantly, and have them appear in customized spreadsheets? Discover with […]

Process automation : 4 reasons to take the leap !

automatisation des processus

Task tracking, transcription of paper forms, sorting operational data… What if an automation tool took care of it for you? In increasingly competitive markets, process automation is a real added value. The use of technologies, such as SaaS platforms, allows you to automate time-consuming or complex tasks. No more time losses, process your data without […]