The contributions of Big Data to human resource management

The future of IT: while the promises of Big Data initially excited the advertising and finance industries, other sectors are now looking to take advantage of the benefits of data analysis, including HR. Focus on business control and training management with two specialised publishers. 

The Montpellier-based company MoveWORK is interested in the market of multiservice companies (3.5 million employees in France and 20 million in Europe), meaning service providers who will provide both cleaning and reception services as well as security for their customers. For these companies, the HR issue is very important. 80% of the fixed costs are payroll and 90% of the staff work outside the company premises.

For this type of employee, be they maintenance workers, receptionists or home help, the employer must be able to ascertain both their presence on the ground but also compliance with safety conditions and their correct performance.

In the hospitality industry, many employees are paid for their time. If they are a minute behind schedule at work, they are penalised. MoveWork solves this problem with smart objects (smartphones, tablets, etc.) for staff and also data history, the analysis of which enables a move towards predictive action.

Its tool, for example, helps manage staff lateness and absences and equipment failures in real team, so managers can act accordingly. On the payroll side, this notion of real time is crucial. « In large groups, it can take up to 4 weeks to manage pay issues » says MoveWork President Patrick Tavaris.

A daily activity report provided as soon as possible helps to reduce this delay. But it is now necessary to go even further. « We detect cycles in the data » explains Patrick Tavaris, who has 4 years of experience in 70% of the French multi-service market. « And it is this volume of data that enables us to predict recurring behaviour, whether it involves people or machines. The cornerstone of the tools and services is the quality of the algorithms used to analyse the data. Four engineers in the company identify specific algorithms. »

The quality of the data and analysis are only one aspect of the work however. « We see 1.3% growth in data every 24 hours », explains Patrick Tavaris.

That’s a real challenge in terms of processing capacity. Especially when the promise is real time. « We spend a small fortune on AWS » Patrick Tavaris concedes, who also works with the University of Montpellier. In this context, expanding the analytical sample to refine analysis is unrealistic. « Our trick is to do pre-calculus » says MoveWORK’s manager.