MoveWORK launches MIA, an artificial intelligence solution for replacement management

MoveWORK Artificial Intelligence – M.I.A

This Thursday 11 April, MoveWORK announced the launch of MIA, a new module in its suite and a solution to manage replacements based on Artificial Intelligence. The module will be ready to showcase at SIDO 2019, the Robotic IoT and AI show.

Straight out of MoveWORK’s R&D laboratory, MIA is the name of this first nucleus of artificial intelligence, operating and learning in real situations for more than 18 months thanks to a collaboration with Phone Régie, the number one hosting company and subsidiary of the Armonia Group.

For Facility Management companies, the presence of the right person at their workstation is a contractual obligation. Any absence means combining a large amount of information in a short time to find a replacement and often exceeds human capacity alone.

Based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, MIA is the module designed to automate the replacement process.