MoveWORK & Armonia extend their collaboration

Paris, 15 November 2016 – Already working since 2014 in France with the Armonia Group (Phone Régie, Mahola, Facilitess, Como, etc.) specialising in Soft Facility Management, MoveWORK now brings its smart management solutions for mobile staff to the group’s Spanish subsidiary. 8,000 employees are involved on both sides of the Pyrenees.

MoveWORK, the European leader in its sector, combines Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions to offer managers a complete, real-time X-ray of employee actions and their environment. MoveWORK is the only European player to offer a complete solution in a single interface designed to facilitate management decision-making.

For the Armonia Group, MoveWORK solutions have already proven their worth in France and given a clearer vision of activities and issues encountered.

Established since 2014 in Spain and since this year in Germany and Portugal, MoveWORK is building a real European network to meet the needs of each of its customers and adapt to regional specificities. In Spain, the Spanish subsidiary of the group joins the customers of MoveWORK.

About the Armonia Group

The Armonia Group is a major player in corporate multi-services bringing together subsidiaries Phone Régie, Muséa, Mahola Hôtesses, Mahola Airport, Côme, Facilitess, Facilitech, Top Chrono, Avenir RH and CESG. Through its subsidiaries, the group offers a complete range of specific expertise: reception, services for occupants (soft facilities management), security, HR solutions, temporary staff and concierge services. An independent and family-run company founded by Patrick Thélot in 1974, the Armonia Group achieved a turnover of 280 million euros in 2015 and has nearly 8,000 employees in France and Europe.