MoveWORK and Garmin measure the physiological impact of work

Paris, 12 December 2016 – MoveWORK, the European leader in the Facility Services sector, combines its Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions to oversee the activities of employees working in the field.

These employees, in particular maintenance workers, security agents, receptionists or quality controllers, often work in isolated environments and are exposed to hostile external conditions (climate, epidemiology, stress or high working rates, etc.).

«In France we have very little information and data on the physiological condition of employees in the field. This collaboration with Garmin brings us objective data that we will compare with our activity data…» says Luc Bonnin, Director of R&D programmes.

By combining MoveWORK’s Business Intelligence with the precision of the latest generation of Garmin activity trackers, MoveWORK and Garmin offer companies using the DataFLOW solution a new approach to measuring the physical impact of work for each field agent. This will enable the company to better understand and distribute workload, anticipate the risk of accidents and improve working conditions.