Innovative solutions dedicated to facility management

IoT serving the FM

Working with multi-operator SIM card provider Matooma, MoveWORK is developing smart object solutions and enabling Facility Management companies to offer high value-added services.

MoveWORK develops software solutions for facility management businesses.
Based on the possibilities offered by the object connectivity (IoT), with Matooma’s multi-operator SIM cards, it optimises building management services buildings and guarantees greater transparency for clients.

From remote tracking to Facility Management solutions : 

« Our company started about 10 years ago with smart point of interest solutions », says Sandrine Radé, Strategic Alliance Manager at MoveWORK. « Around this we have built a wide range of products and services, to facilitate operation traceability, carry out quality controls, guarantee access to buildings, etc. Beyond monitoring operators and service providers, all these possibilities have enabled us to invest in other fields of activity, such as facilities and hospitality services. »

High value-added services with smart objects :

Smart objects make it possible to develop high added value services based on data collection from various sites.
The analysis of this data is a vehicle for improving the operational efficiency of various businesses, from security management to cleaning services.  « Analyse in real time visitors to a place, check the availability of toilet paper, ensure the level of soap… This guarantees better service in the long term, adapted to the real needs of the customer », continues Sandrine Radé. «The use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to react in real time to absences, for example, by providing a replacement operator to ensure the mission for which the company is mandated will be properly carried out.»

Guaranteeing reliable data :

MoveWORK has chosen to work with Matooma, a company specialised in the supply of multi-operator SIM cards across Europe and Machine to Machine/IoT services, to connect its timekeepers/badge-readers and sensors across a multitude of sites.

«It was important for us to be able to connect objects anywhere» says Sandrine Radé. « Above all, our customers want to ensure that the service remains available at all times, that the data they have is reliable and that it is in no way distorted or fragmented. Matooma, with its expertise and solidity, guarantees this data availability.»

A multi-operator for optimal coverage : 

The multi-operator SIM card has emerged as the most suitable solution for escalating the data processed by MoveWORK.
With it, the Facility Management solutions specialist ensures that the best network coverage is always available, regardless of where the sensors are installed. « Today’s low-frequency solutions do not guarantee such a high level of service. We can integrate SIM cards directly into the different hardware of the manufacturers we use. Matooma’s data management platform through which information is traced is very simple to use. Using APIs, we were able to quickly and easily interface with our systems to process the information », says Sandrine Radé.

Finding ways to make better use of data :

At the cutting-edge of these technologies, MoveWORK intends to continue using Matooma’s technology and innovate as it always has done. The solution makes it possible to connect a wide variety of equipment and objects from their partners to collect useful information. The company is constantly looking for new uses and new ways of exploiting data to improve efficiency for Facility Management businesses, offer new services and justify their operations in the most transparent manner possible.

Testimonial by Sandrine Radé, Strategic Alliance Manager at MoveWORK

« The challenge is to connect objects to serve humans with reliable data transmission. And it’s that reliability that’s the crux of the matter, because if that data extraction isn’t reliable, the whole system falls apart. That’s the strength of our partnership with Matooma. »