Innovation in point of sale management

In partnership with MoveWORK, DERICHEBOURG has developed a fully dematerialised and simplified process for managing sales outlets. This innovative system makes it possible to exchange and trace information in real time.

Since the beginning of the year, the management of PMU has been entrusted to the host subsidiary of the DERICHEBOURG group. In partnership with MoveWORK, DERICHEBOURG has developed the deployment of high-performance digitisation tools that enable employees and store managers to provide its client with real-time information related to the business.

This innovative process is broken down with three connected solutions from MoveWORK:

The first tool, WorkInTIME is a planner that allows point-of-sale managers to easily manage team schedules. This makes it easy to know who should work, when and where. This information can be consulted 24/7 by the client and DERICHEBOURG employees.

The second, DataFLOW Tracer, is a traceability tool that collects and processes “store” data. Each PMU City is equipped with a tablet that tracks all the actions and field information, which are escalated in real time and thus provide a precise vision of the activities of each point of sale. In the event of an anomaly (machine failure, etc.) a report is sent to the PMU teams.

Finally, the third tool DataFLOW is the Business Intelligence solution for retrieving collected data. Thanks to its advanced analytical capability, it offers a clear vision of the overall activity of all simultaneous data as well as areas to improve and especially the interaction of data.

These 3 solutions meet the requirements of big data: no storage limit and high computing and analysis power. It is therefore possible to build a benchmark to continuously improve the quality of our services. The effects are already noticeable.

Experimental next steps at the end of September: automatic monitoring of the number of sales outlets and satisfaction level. With the addition of these 2 new contextual data connectors, the DataFLOW solution will significantly expand its analytical capability and most certainly bring new data intersections to light. An opportunity to discover new performance indicators or business developments.