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How to choose your biocleaning software

The importance of biocleaning in healthcare and medical environments is undeniable. These thorough cleaning interventions reduce pathological and infectious risks. To ensure protocol compliance, healthcare facilities must ensure meticulous monitoring of interventions. Therefore, choosing a suitable and efficient biocleaning software is crucial. Discover how to select the ideal bio-cleaning software.

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Why implement biocleaning software?

Biocleaning is a powerful disinfection process that enables the elimination of microbes, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. These techniques are imperative to ensure the sanitary safety of facilities requiring a high level of hygiene: healthcare facilities, laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, and more.

Improvement of performance and working conditions of biocleaning agents

The biocleaning protocols are lengthy and complex. Cleaning techniques vary depending on the surfaces, areas, or equipment. As a result, agents must follow a multitude of steps, difficult to memorize offhand.

Without digital tracking within a biocleaning software, adhering to intervention routes is impossible. A well-planned cleaning program enhances operational efficiency. The biocleaning software helps optimize resource utilization, reduce costs, and minimize disruptions in daily operations.

Agents are equipped with an ergonomic tool that facilitates communication between healthcare services and biocleaning. Traceability of services allows for monitoring the progress of processes and alerts another team if the work has not been completed.

Respect of health certification standards

The use of biocleaning software is also necessary to ensure regulatory compliance. Many sectors, especially healthcare, are subject to strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Through quality management, biocleaning software helps facilities comply with these regulations and avoid penalties. Acceptability thresholds are controlled, and non-conformities are quickly addressed.

Risk reduction and patient satisfaction

Furthermore, biocleaning software ensures the safety of patients and staff. Maintaining a clean environment protects vulnerable individuals. The biocleaning software enables meticulous monitoring of procedures to create a clean space for healing. Risks of accidents caused by slippery or contaminated substances are also reduced. Cleanliness of premises is essential for customer satisfaction and maintaining a positive image of the establishment.

What are the essential features of a biocleaning software?

A biocleaning software must meet specific operational needs. To be comprehensive, here are the essential features:

Bioleaning schedule planning and task tracking

A biocleaning software must allow for the planning of interventions and the assignment of necessary human resources for their execution. Schedules can be customized by agent, team, or area. Interventions should contain tasks to be performed on the designated day based on the specificities of the entity to be cleaned. For each site or establishment, the cleaning manager must be able to track tasks completed and in progress in real-time.

Automation of biocleaning interventions

A biocleaning software must allow for the automatic triggering of cleaning interventions when necessary. For example, in healthcare facilities, a

A request for intervention must be sent immediately upon a patient’s discharge. This automation ensures tasks are executed at the right time and place.

Moreover, automating interventions reduces human errors and frees up staff time. Duplicates are eliminated, leading to material savings.

Supervision of biocleaning teams

Depending on the services, routes vary, as do activity schedules. Generally, biocleaning agents are grouped into teams with a designated lead agent and an alternate. The lead agent remains consistently assigned to the same service, while the alternate fills in for the lead when absent. When both agents are present, either the alternate is deployed to another service to cover for absenteeism, or they remain as backup in the same sector. In some cases, teams are pooled per facility and assigned to multiple care units based on need.

By using biocleaning software, attendance flows are visible in real-time. In case of absence or delay, supervisors can quickly take action to replace missing agents. The biocleaning software improves communication and coordination among teams. With features such as team geolocation and field data collection, managers can ensure critical areas are properly cleaned and disinfected.

Furthermore, the software facilitates the creation of detailed reports on activities, individual, and collective performance. This function allows for an objective evaluation and identification of areas for improvement.

By unifying team efforts and optimizing processes, software-assisted supervision enhances cleaning efficiency, promotes quality results, and strengthens safety and hygiene in sensitive environments.

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Management of biocleaning products and inventory

The use of biocleaning software enables efficient management of cleaning product stocks and orders. Combined with JVD connected hygiene equipment, the software provides a real-time overview of available products. Tracking dispenser capacity levels allows for anticipating replenishments. Agents intervene only when restocking needs are detected.

Moreover, the biocleaning software allows tracking product usage by zone, team, or time period. This traceability helps prevent wastage and ensures that appropriate products are used for each specific cleaning task. Costs associated with excess or insufficient stocks are thus reduced.

Tracking the performance of biocleaning protocols

The use of biocleaning tracking software provides a systematic and accurate approach to performance evaluation. Through this software, managers can record and analyze data related to each protocol. This collection enables the identification of trends, strengths, and areas requiring improvement.

By using biocleaning software, managers can define specific Key Performance Indicators : cleaning time per area, cleaning frequency, delays, etc. The data is then presented in dashboards in the form of graphs and detailed reports. This approach promotes continuous improvement of protocols and allows for real-time adjustments.

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How to choose your biocleaning software? The steps to follow

To choose the appropriate biocleaning software, it is necessary to study the needs of your facility beforehand. For instance, a laboratory will not have the same technical and functional requirements as a hospital. Here is a non-exhaustive list of elements to consider for making an informed decision:

  1. Define needs based on the size of your facility and the volume of activity: amount of data to collect, teams to track, sites to study, intervention flows to trace…
  2. Identify protocols to digitize and intervention routes to automate: management of outgoing patients, consumable stockouts, specific disinfection…
  3. Analyze regulatory constraints, especially regarding sensitive data management.
  4. Research biocleaning software providers and evaluate the characteristics of each software according to your needs: features, customer support, coaching, updates…
  5. Calculate the total cost and return on investment: initial costs, recurring fees, potential savings (reduced cleaning times, consumable savings…)
  6. Verify compatibility with your business software and existing systems.

Choosing the right biocleaning software is a crucial step to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your biocleaning operations. By following the steps in this guide, you will be able to make an informed decision.

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MoveWORK Flow : The all-in-one biocleaning traceability software

Tracking cleaning interventions, quality control of services, team management… What if you had an all-in-one biocleaning software?

With the MoveWORK Flow platform, biocleaning traceability becomes effortless! Agents, supervisors, and occupants are brought together in a single connected interface.

Optimal management and tracking of biocleaning interventions

The MoveWORK Flow platform is a user-friendly and quickly deployable solution. In no time, this tool allows for optimizing the organization of interventions path and the efficiency of boicleaning services. Among its key features, you will find:

  • Digitization of biocleaning scheduling and job sheets
  • Automation of biocleaning intervention protocols
  • Remote management of biocleaning teams and activities
  • Control and tracking of intervention quality, protocols, and standards
  • Automation of corrective actions in case of non-compliance or unforeseen events
  • Centralization and analysis of your KPIs in customized reports

Personalized training and coaching throughout the contract

MoveWORK supports its clients throughout the deployment of the biocleaning tracking software, but not only that! Initially, our teams assist organizations in implementing the solution. Onboarding, specific training, and technical support are all part of the package. Then, a dedicated coach is assigned to each client account for personalized support throughout the duration of the contract.

Our certified Qualiopi training organization offers tailored training for every profile and usage of the platform. Standard learning modules are provided for agents, while more advanced and technical training is available for supervisors, enabling managers to master MoveWORK Flow comprehensively.

Integration of business software

MoveWORK Flow can be interfaced with a multitude of software and ERPs. Payroll software, CMMS, reservation software… Thanks to these gateways, all your data and management of your cleaning interventions are centralized in a versatile tool.

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