Facility services: why collect and use data?

Data at the heart of service quality

Digital solutions transform business models and customer experiences. There are many examples of digitisation that attest to this. They first highlight productivity gains, then the transformation of business models brought about by Big Data and Business Intelligence. In many cases, this digitisation implies a certain process dehumanisation. We are obviously thinking of online activities such as banking, insurance or retail.

Yet digitisation and dehumanisation are not necessarily interrelated. This is particularly true in the personal service sector and in general for all Facility Services businesses. In these cleaning, safety, security and hospitality businesses, technology is not primarily intended to replace humans, but to augment them.

Actually, in many aspects an information system based on SaaS, smart objects and mobile devices is virtuous in these industries. It empowers operational staff at their workstations by helping them make organisational decisions of greater strategic scope. It makes it possible to increase the provider’s service contract with its client, to integrate quality control for the services provided into the customer journey.

DATA : Why collect and use data ? This was the subject of the round table organised at the end by the magazine Services, in which Mr. François Tabourot, Executive Business Development Director of MoveWORK was happy to participate, highlighting our convictions as a leader in digital solutions for Facility Services.