IoT as a Service: MoveWORK goes further

Meet the occupants’ hygiene and quality of life needs. This is the ambition of MoveWORK, which is unveiling an enriched and innovative “Plug & Play” IoT catalog for this fall! Article published in the French Magazine “Bâtiment Entretien”, September 2021 / Photo Crédit JVD sensors that contribute to a smarter use of buildings: automatic detection […]

Digital intelligence and human performance, the key to smart FM

Intrinsically linked to the attractiveness of the company and the quality of life of its occupants, FM is today challenged by accelerated changes in work practices, uses and user experience. In this new situation, the digitalization of business processes through the integration of a unified platform offers an agile answer to the expected performance and […]

Exclusive interview with Borja Duque, Managing Partner of MoveWORK

“Our platform aims to facilitate the daily work of all those involved in the management and execution of services”. Exclusive interview with Borja Duque, Managing Partner of MoveWORK. Interview by Leticia Duque Guerro, Deputy Director of Facility Management & Services, the leading magazine for Facility Management in Spain. In a few words, can you tell […]

Armonia Spain accelerates in the Smart FM and connects the Barcelona World Trade Center

Subsidiary of the Sofinord Group, Armonia intervenes in the Facility Management market and offers companies to take over all the services related to the working environment and the maintenance of buildings. For the Barcelona World Trade Center, the Armonia Group has chosen MoveWORK to deploy a new model of cleanliness management and confirms its position […]

MoveWORK joins SBA – Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities

Created in 2012, the SBA aims to organize the promotion of the Smart Buildings sector and to support all building and city stakeholders in their digital transition, combined with the environmental transition at the service of all users. The association brings together a wide range of members – industrialists, service companies, builders, promoters, innovative startups […]

MoveWORK revolutionizes service management with its new “MoveWORK Flow” platform

For its 11th spring, MoveWORK blows a wind of innovations that will delight all actors of the FM industry. The group from Montpellier is launching a new unified platform for real-time management of service activities and unveiling a particularly innovative offer, as well as a new visual identity. With MoveWORK Flow, the company takes a […]