Customer cases

Vinci Autoroutes

VINCI Autoroutes, Europe’s leading concession motorway operator, processes over 2 million customers every day on its 4,443 km network.
To ensure the correct operation and maintenance of the bathroom facilities in its rest areas, the company relies in part on specialised service companies. This outsourcing is done by sector and requires consistent monitoring processes for all stakeholders (internal and external). Optimising the management of visits and facilitating the management of all service providers is therefore essential.

The MoveWORK solution

As part of this convergence strategy, a number VINCI Autoroutes network operators have chosen the MoveWORK Flow platform because it naturally and easily enables the management of activities between several providers.
With the help of a planning module and a visit assistant, VINCI Autoroutes automatically generates the visits of each of its agents and prepares, in real time, the operations of all its service providers.

The second issue in this project was to provide a technological response to identify places and ensure visits by all stakeholders. Through Workspace, some VINCI Autoroutes sites that were already equipped with NFC chips were easily shared and made accessible to all providers, avoiding the installation of additional NFC chips or QR codes. All involved were equipped with smartphones with a dedicated app, quickly becoming autonomous and completely interacting with their environment to report visits, actions and tasks performed to their respective companies.

In addition to a unique and detailed vision of the services provided to VINCI Autoroutes and to each service provider, in particular shifts and visit compliance, it was also necessary to provide a global vision to ensure correct management and levels of service. The development of agile dashboards consolidates all the information very easily so every step of operations in the rest areas can be tracked.

In a second phase, workspaces will be quickly rolled out and divided into sectors to provide targeted information and facilitate the implementation of tailored improvement plans. As data is crucial to make teams more agile, data from smart objects (including satisfaction kiosks) will be consolidated to concretely measure the impact of operations and automate new tasks.

Results and benefits

For VINCI Autoroutes

  • To date, around a hundred sites (bathroom blocks) are managed in real time
  • A global and real-time view of all operating data
  • Better coordination between all internal and external stakeholders

For the providers

  • Greater efficiency and autonomy: better coordination (synchronised schedules, mobile app)

For VINCI Autoroutes customers

  • Guaranteed satisfaction thanks to better managed bathroom areas