Customer cases

Madrid metro

The Madrid metro is the metropolitan public transport network of Madrid, capital of Spain. With its 13 lines and 319 stations, it is one of the largest networks in the world. Every day, to guarantee the best quality of service to users, quality inspectors visit the stations and assess the quality of the services provided by different cleaning companies. These inspectors need digital tools to carry out their checks, and more efficient devices to organise their rounds and provide proof of their site visit.

The MoveWORK solution

In this continuous improvement process, Madrid Metro called on MoveWORK to digitise its quality processes and better manage its four service providers.

Digital quality controls

Thanks to a complete library, customised quality control forms have been created on the MoveWORK Flow platform. No more paper and archaic inspection methods. Digitisation of the process now means each inspector can confirm their visit by scanning an NFC tag at the station, open a form previously created on the platform, complete their report and submit it, all in a few minutes. These reports are then sent to the Madrid Metro which can adjust its services in real time.

A turnkey application for inspectors

In the digital age, mobility remains the best way to save time and simplify the day-to-day lives of teams. With the app there are no network constraints, no accessibility issues, no misplaced or torn pieces of paper. The application provides user-friendly ergonomics to carry out easy quality inspections at each station.

Strategic management by cleaning providers

To serve our customers even better, dashboards have been created to highlight the performance of service providers and ensure compliance with specifications. Relevant Performance Indicators have been defined to allocate an overall rating to the four service providers. If the service quality is not as it should be, the Madrid Metro can objectively apply penalties, on the basis of indisputable figures.

Results and benefits

For the Madrid Metro

  • Saving time: from 1 week to 1 day
  • Real-time vision and better control of performance
  • Control of operating costs
  • Monitoring service provider commitments

For the service providers

  • Saving time and efficiency in the delivery of services
  • A clear vision of actions to be taken
  • Better monitoring of contractual commitments

For Madrid Metro users

  • A more positive transport experience that combines well-being and safety