Customer cases

Derichebourg & Sanofi

Derichebourg Multiservices is a key player in the European market for business and community services. As a global local player, the Group offers its customers a wide and integrated range of services enabling them to focus on their core business, improve their organisation and control their costs. In this context, Sanofi, the first pharmaceutical company in France, has selected Derichebourg FM as a partner to manage a large number of support and technical functions and thus offer the best services for buildings and their occupants.

In order to meet this challenge, MoveWORK was chosen by Derichebourg to accompany the management of its Full FM performances.

The activities to be piloted were indeed numerous: cleanliness, multi-technical maintenance, reception, management of green areas or even collective restoration. Not less than 9 service jobs in total, spread over 7 different sites, representing 21 buildings and more than 700 sanitary blocks.

To ensure an efficient management of business flows in the highly demanding environment of ultra-cleanliness, the MoveWORK Flow platform has been deployed in such a way that it can collect all operating data and return the best analyses and predictions to QSE Managers Derichebourg and Sanofi.

The MoveWORK Flow platform and mobile applications enabled:

  • The complete traceability of cleaning services in sanitary blocks (on average, 500 passages per week/ between 1 and 2 maintenance per day)
  • Real-time escalation of incidents and management of decision-making workflows for the implementation of corrective actions
  • The digitalisation of quality controls and the implementation of complex grids, taking into account the constraints imposed by the ultra-cleanliness of the laboratories (grids available via tablets and QR code by specific rooms)
  • The monitoring of control results through integrated KPIs into the Derichebourg FM tool
  • The restitution of steering data in dashboards, shared with agency directors (multi-account views)

With such challenges, all players in the service chain have been trained to use the MoveWORK platform and mobile applications in order for the occupants to ultimately benefit from an impeccable quality of service.

Results and benefits

The challenge has been successfully met! The MoveWORK Flow platform has enabled agile coordination and management of services through 360° and real-time management of human activities. Thanks to the Cloud and mobile interfaces, the Derichebourg teams were able to better coordinate all service activities by taking into account, in real time, the multiple interactions between occupants and their environment.

Everything has been done to ensure that the Sanofi’s sites occupants feel good and benefit from an impeccable quality of service. The teams have been trained and are always supported to provide more than just a “brand experience” service.