Customer cases

Derichebourg Multiservices

Derichebourg Multiservices, a division of the Derichebourg Group, is a leading player in the market for business and public services in France and abroad. In the midst of a digital transition, a French group at the head of a network of more than 13,500 points of sale called on the expertise of Derichebourg Multiservices to improve operations in about twenty of its points of sale. The challenge was sizeable, namely to manage all interactions at these points of sale with a view to improving service quality and modernising the customer experience. The Derichebourg solution had to manage the many issues related to quality of service, management of incidents and service providers, maintenance and provider management.

To win this market and offer its client an innovative approach, Derichebourg Multiservices chose MoveWORK as its trusted partner.

A 360 view of activities

As well as closely managing new recruits and shop openings, Derichebourg employees were given tablets to optimise store management. Each task is reported in real time to provide an accurate and overall view of business at each point of sale. A shared environment has been set up to coordinate the different stakeholders involved in the management and delivery of services independently. All the external service providers have been identified, enabling a precise follow-up of visits, maintenance operations including background surveys that are carried out regularly. The proposed solution made it possible to considerably reduce response times, in particular to breakdowns, and also revealed the various daily issues inherent to on-site employees. All the task processes were visible and followed in real time by the contractor who was able to develop and automate its processes and provide a clearer and increasingly qualitative response to its customers.

Tailored assistance and certified training

In a continuous improvement approach, the MoveWORK teams supported Derichebourg agents in their appropriation and use of the MoveWORK Flow platform. Certification training has been provided so the agents improve their expertise and can independently pass on all the added value of the platform to their contacts.

High tech technologies

The plan to digitise processes and optimise sales outlets was accompanied by a significant deployment of new technologies. Today, the points of sale are all equipped with giant screens, touch terminals and tablets: a deliberately smart environment to create a unique in-store customer experience. QR codes at the entrance of each shop provide stakeholders proof of passage easily and in real time. Using their tablets, they can also make corrective action requests if any equipment at the point of sale breaks down and can even track the status of collections in real time through forms. They can also collect all the data concerning sales promotions and operations. A simple and discreet solution creating added value.

Results and benefits

For the contracting party

  • A centralised view of point of sale activities
  • Better management of stores in real time
  • Simple and secure use of the monitoring platform
  • A clearer picture of points to improve and difficulties in the field

For Derichebourg Multiservices

  • Saving time and simplifying tasks
  • Digital enhancement
  • Real control of remote activities
  • A trusted customer experience

For shop users

  • A better experience in sales outlets with high quality services, in line with their expectations