Customer cases

Althea Management Solutions

Althea Management Solutions, a subsidiary of the 3g Smart holding company is specialised in international Facility Management services. Among Althea’s clients, there is one of the top five private universities in the Iberian Peninsula which gathers more than 19 000 occupants, spread across five campuses in Spain and Portugal.

A total of 23 buildings are outsourced and managed by 10 service providers. In this multi-site/multi-service environment, incidents are frequently escalated and interventions requested by occupants. In order to centralise and optimise the treatment process of all these requests, Althea Management Solutions has entrusted MoveWORK with the task of setting up a cloud platform for managing facility services, which can guarantee to the occupants an optimal framework to work and flourish.

The MoveWORK solution


Improving the service management & the operation model

On the five campuses, more than 3,000 POIs (points of interest) have been defined in order to collect the data required for a 360° management of the facility services. QR codes were deployed, allowing occupants to report in real time the problems encountered and to transmit their requests of interventions in multiple services: cleanliness of spaces, maintenance of equipment, maintenance/management of green spaces, etc. Each request is geolocated and assigned to a team or service provider responsible for processing it and ensuring its proper execution.The MoveWORK Flow platform orchestrates all workflows and coordinates the actions of service providers in an automated way. To enable the management and optimization of all business processes, dashboards provide indicators and help each stakeholder to improve the quality of service and to respect the contractual commitments.

Better managing and coordinating the work of service providers

The platform provides a common workspace for all actors involved in the service chain, all operating and steering data are accessible, in real time and continuously, in dedicated workspaces and dashboards, by both service providers, Althea Management and the manager of all campuses. This global vision of business and new way of collaborating in a unified cloud space brings a new performance to the delivery of services.

Driving change

In order to ensure optimal performance for users of the platform and mobile applications, MoveWORK has set up a certification training program for Althea Management Services teams.

Results and benefits

For the university

  • Improvement of the living environment through revised management methods.
  • The rapid identification of malfunctions allowing the implementation of immediate actions.


For Service Providers

  • Visibility on current and future actions allowing complete autonomy.
  • Better organization of teams and intervention costs.


For the occupants of the university

  • An optimized work/life environment
  • The possibility of becoming an actor of its environment