Customer cases

Acciona and Hamad Medical Corporation

Acciona is a global group, leader in sustainable renewable energy and infrastructure solutions. The business covers the entire value chain, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. With a presence in more than 40 countries and revenues of €6,472 billion in 2020, the company is built on 3 pillars – sustainability, innovation and excellence – and is committed to leading the transition to a low carbon economy. To achieve this, it uses quality criteria and innovation processes to optimize the efficient use of resources and respect for the environment in all its projects.

Among the clients of Acciona Facility Services Middle East is Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in Qatar, an organization that is specialized in the management of medical and health care (secondary and tertiary). HMC is part of the Qatari national healthcare system and manages all of the country’s public hospitals (more than a dozen facilities), as well as the national ambulance service and home and residential care services.

Since 2017, HMC has chosen Acciona Facility Services as one of its preferred facility management providers, including the handling of all cleaning and waste collection services for its facilities.

MoveWORK, accelerating digital transformation of hospital centers

Because of the importance of hygiene control in health care centers, HMC and Acciona set up a point system to measure the quality of service provided at the beginning of their collaboration. This involved Acciona teams collecting information manually using a spreadsheet, then creating scorecards and presenting the results on paper in order to pass the corresponding audits.

This system was time consuming and overall inefficient. “We quickly realized that we needed to implement a new digital technology for collecting and managing quality data in real time that would allow us to initiate a paperless management approach in our operations“, explains Alistaire Parales, IT Manager at Acciona Facility Services Middle East. “For this, he continues, we chose MoveWORK which is one of the leading technology companies in Europe in the field of Facility Management“.


In July 2017, Acciona Facility Services Middle East chose to implement MoveWORK Flow as its go-to platform for collecting and managing digitized data in real time.

Benefits for all stakeholders in the quality chain

This digital revolution in Acciona’s organization has allowed the group to demonstrate a real capacity for innovation and to assert its role as a leader in facility services in the healthcare sector. 

Thanks to MoveWORK, we have redefined the notion of proactivity in our operations. The use of the platform has allowed us to control the service we provide to our customers in a much more efficient way“, acknowledges Alistaire Parales.

HCM can now manage directly and in real time the quality of the cleaning service offered by Acciona in all its facilities, applying specific information filters according to the data they need to consult. From the same tool, HCM managers can even sign the results obtained in the quality control, showing their agreement with them. And all this without having to print a single sheet of paper.


We are one of the first organizations in the facility services sector in the Middle East region to use a digitized data collection tool. In this way, we have been able to significantly reduce our paper consumption for information gathering, which has naturally also reduced our need to issue paper reports,” explains Alistaire Parales. “This approach is not only cost-effective, but also fundamental to our organization’s strategy to reduce carbon emissions. It’s a local decision, but it’s making a difference on a global scale” he says.

All this without forgetting the ultimate goal of deploying an effective system of continuous quality improvement in the services sector, as Clara Rodríguez de las Heras, Acciona’s project manager for the HMC contract, points out.

Based on the data obtained from the digitized checks, it is possible to perform an instant analysis of variability (in relation to the KPIs), facilitating trend analysis for early detection of future deviations.  In short, the automated results generated by MoveWORK Flow help facility managers and quality technicians to take a step back, take control of the situation and constantly introduce small changes that lead to service excellence.”


Always striving for performance, Acciona has recently extended the use of the MoveWORK Flow platform to other international projects, in non-sanitary sectors such as airports and hotels, with excellent results.