ALTHEA Management Solutions selects MoveWORK Flow platform to accelerate its development in Spain and Latin America

A look back at this strategic partnership between the two companies.

Created in Madrid in 2011 by international holding 3g Smart Group, ALTHEA Management Solutions is a consultancy specialised in Facility Management. The company supports its clients in the continuous improvement of their service operating model.

For 11 years, MoveWORK has been assisting the biggest players in Facility Management and Business Services with their digital transformation. With its international experience in operating and managing facility services, MoveWORK brought together the best of technology and expertise in a unified cloud platform called MoveWORK Flow.

Innovation and the MoveWORK Flow platform at the heart of the partnership

Joaquin Montesinos, CEO of ALTHEA Management Solutions, explains the underlying reasons behind the merger between the two companies.

“For several years, the world of service has been constantly evolving and digitising. Offers are becoming more complex. New technologies and artificial intelligence are at the centre of solutions for optimising FM services. The health crisis has completely disrupted the reality of service managers and ours, by extension. To provide our customers the best support during this extremely complex period, we reacted very quickly and built a “PostCOVID” offer that concentrates all our Facility Management experience and allows our customers to modernise and improve their services, while rationalising costs and increasing profits. To build this offer, we sought to form a strategic alliance with a renowned market player who could give us a real advantage and a head start on this changing market. This choice was quickly made with MoveWORK and on the MoveWORK Flow platform.”

MoveWORK Flow, the all-in-one monitoring platform for Facility Management

MoveWORK Flow brings a new performance to all the actors of the Service Chain Management. MoveWORK Group’s mobile and cloud platform enables agile facility service management through a unique global approach that integrates the latest technological innovations : time and activity management, continuous quality improvement, digitalisation of business processes, traceability of interventions in real time, business intelligence,…

Borja Duque, co-founder of MoveWORK, says: “The Facility Manager has a key role in companies. He must be able to rely on a global solution that allows him to keep control over his daily tasks, to control the quality of services rendered to occupants. He must know what is happening in real time, solve incidents in an ever shorter time. He must be able to connect employees, supervisors and his own clients to his environment and information system. This is a major challenge. Our MoveWORK Flow platform provides a real answer to these challenges: it enables agile coordination and management of services through 360° and real-time management of human activities.”

Service Operation and Management

Joaquin Montesinos continues: “Since using the MoveWORK Flow platform and evolving our systems, processes and documentation to achieve CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard Certification) certification. This last one, issued by the ISSA, the International Association of the Sanitary Maintenance Industry, demonstrates that our organisation is structured to provide an effective management framework to our customers. This means it can improve their operational efficiency, better serve them and lead to cost savings.

In MoveWORK Flow we found a truly innovative solution that empowers us to consolidate our strategic positions in Spain and Latin America, including Peru, Chile, Mexico and Panama.

We now rely on the MoveWORK solution to orchestrate all the decision-making flows of our customers, centralise/analyse all operating data in real time. This data is restored in web-based piloting portals that help make the right decisions and facilitate coordination between all stakeholders in the service chain.”

Sharing and respecting common values

For MoveWORK as for ALTHEA Management Solutions, customer satisfaction is at the heart of commercial engagement. Close ties and a relationship of trust were quickly established between the French and Spanish teams. Within ALTHEA Management Solutions, one person is entirely dedicated to facilitating the MoveWORK partnership: training, project deployment assistance, support, etc.

MoveWORK and ALTHEA Management Solutions combine their expertise and knowledge of FM business lines to provide effective support to all companies seeking to better coordinate their service activities and achieve greater service performance.