MoveWORK opens its Digital Customer Experience Centre in Lisbon

Ensure the satisfaction of our customers

MoveWORK is inaugurating its new agency in the heart of Lisbon, a rising star on the European tech scene, in the chic district of Amoreiras around a young, dynamic and multicultural team.

“In an increasingly digital world where remote modes of interaction are evolving, the development of the customer experience is now one of the strategic priorities of the MoveWORK group,” explains Lucinda RIBEIRO, Director of Customer Experiences.

Notre objectif avec ce nouveau centre est d’accompagner nos clients dans la mutation numérique de leur entreprise et, pour cela, de couvrir 4 aspects fondamentaux pour y parvenir :

  1. Increase and diversify digital communication channels other than the telephone such as blogs, tutorials, social media, webinars.
  2. Support them and develop uses for all products and services.
  3. Respond and offer a suitable solution when faced with a blocked situation.
  4. Know how to inform and support them in the appropriation of the new solutions they use.

The daily challenge comes down to promoting MoveWORK solutions and ensuring satisfaction, especially the performance of each client over time. The challenge is two-fold: to retain them and develop our offers by identifying their needs through their experiences.

“With this new centre, MoveWORK gives more coherence to its innovative strength and because of its European character, gives itself the opportunity to share skills and capitalise on the differences of each country and business to build a real SmartData strategy for its large account clients such as ISS, Derichebourg, Onet, Armonia and Clece” declares Patrick TAVARIS, President of the Group.

MoveWork is today the leader in Europe for its solutions for decision support and operation traceability in cleaning, security and event management. MoveWork is the first publisher to base its software suite on a business intelligence cloud solution that not only tracks activity but also predicts variations based on different factors.