MoveWORK is coming to FM days on March 27th and 28th

Let’s meet up !

Business, innovation, conviviality: these are the key words of the FM’Days, the annual high-point for Facility Management stakeholders and MoveWORK is particularly happy to join in !

Fact: the world of facility management is undergoing an unprecedented transformation against a backdrop of increased competition and rigorous social and environmental regulatory constraints. Brands are focusing, practices are industrialising and service offerings are evolving into multi-services. This development is leading to the urgent digitisation of these resolutely human-based professions and MoveWORK has been contributing to this development for almost 10 years.

A leader in software solutions serving change in Facility Management, MoveWORK plays the role of the orchestra conductor, automating business processes between principals and service providers. The company sells a multilingual software suite with five independent and complementary modules in full SaaS mode. It enables the collection and use of a universe of shared data resulting from traceable human activities, digitised business processes, environmental data capture and the measurement of end-customer satisfaction.

MoveWORK’s solutions are now used by over 600 customers – including the largest international Facility Services groups (ISS, Armonia Group, Derichebourg, etc.) – operating in more than 143,000 locations. They supervise over 65,000 professionals, trace 125,000 operations and process over 20 million actions a year. MoveWORK also makes a point of regularly integrating new emerging technology into its offering, designed by the engineers in its IOT laboratory: light sensors, presence detection, transit counter, air quality in offices, etc.

Prime contractors, environmental managers, property managers, etc.

Let’s meet on 27 and 28 March and together move the boundaries of a changing sector.