MoveWORK Flow, the all-in-one platform for facility management.

Bring more agility to your organization and save time by automating the management of your service activities! No need to run around anymore. By digitizing your workflows into automated workflows, you can considerably increase the performance of your teams and guarantee the quality of your services while increasing your revenue.

Whatever your daily activity, MoveWORK Flow simplifies it.


MoveWORK Flow enables agile coordination and management of services through 360°, real-time control of human activities.



  • Orchestrate all your workflows for a better organisation of services.
  • Centralise and analyse all your data in real time on dynamic and automatic dashboards.
  • Make the best decisions by facilitating coordination between all the actors in the service chain.
  • Anticipate the multiple interactions between people and their environment.

Connect the different activities and all your suppliers on a single platform.




  • Bring together and orchestrate all actors in the same universe, while preserving the interests of each one. 
  • Easily coordinate actions and decisions with all actors in the service chain. 
  • Provide a common vision of activities with increased communication and data exchange.
  • Save time, reduce costs and increase security with fewer technical discrepancies.

Easily manage your activities with integrated tools

Management of working hours, recording of interventions, planning of activities and tasks to be carried out, traceability of interventions with photos, forms and workflows.
Creation of control forms and quality graphs, collection and analysis in real time, even with a pdf copy by e-mail, identification of non-conformities and immediate treatment, as they can be synchronised with workflows. Satisfaction surveys.
Edition of workflows for decision making with forms, unlimited number of stages with individual, team or automatic validation, management of completion time and compliance SLAs.
Creation of automated dashboards with collection of all data. Customisable collaborative and multimedia spaces with chat, file sharing, images, videos and interactive service kiosks with workflows.

Maximise service efficiency through data centralisation

Our mobile applications


Find MoveWORK Flow functionalities optimised and adapted to allow a better experience in mobility scenarios.
The applications myNeeds, myDecisions and myMissions can be downloaded (for free) from Apple and Android stores
in Apple and Android shops (for use in BYOD / Bring Your Own Device mode).

Technical characteristics

Secure European Cloud Service and GDPR Compliant
Multi-account access and interconnection management
Data connectors to Business Intelligence, Table, Microsoft PowerBI, Qlik platforms
Plug & play interfaces with many ERP and business software
Complete SDK to simplify the exchange between your apps and your account data
Management and supervision of hardware connectors with a range of certified hardware and IoT
Management of Points of Interest and unlimited storage capacities
Data updating in real time
Multi-language and multi-time zone platform: France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain

MoveWORK in a few figures

high-availability AWS servers
P.O.I. managed worldwide
queries per day
availability commitment

MoveWORK services

Accelerators of success

  • MoveWORK Customer Care Centre Performance coaching
  • MoveWORK Academy Continuous training
  • MoveWORK Technical Centre Day-to-day technical expertise
  • White label MoveWORK Flow with your logo and colors
  • MoveWORK Consulting Consulting in digital transformation

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