Highlighting the cleaning profession

A beautiful initiative to highlight the cleaning profession

For the first time, Le Monde de la Propreté (French magazine specialising in the cleaning industry) is launching a vast advertising campaign “500,000 faces, cleaning for all to see” aiming to highlight the National Day of Cleaning Professions which will take place on 18 October 2018.

The slogan is clear: “We want to showcase the men and women who work every day in our businesses, to ensure a healthy and comfortable living and work environment for all.

The ambition: raise awareness and above all mobilise the general public, clients, institutions and media to:  

  • to develop the image of the profession and its representation
  • to highlight the profession’s importance and usefulness

Le Monde de la Propreté pulled out all the stops to make people talk about the cleaning sector and all its stakeholders, who are not sufficiently celebrated on a daily basis:

  • professional photo exhibitions
  • sharing videos on social media
  • organisation of regional events
  • TV ad campaign…

The objective of this important advertising campaign is of course to publicise the National Day of Cleaning Professions but above all to generate a record number of registrations !

To do this, Le Monde de la Propreté calls on companies in the sector to take part in this special day !

The action day on 18 October will focus on three main areas:

  • Office operations
  • Photo exhibitions
  • Local regional events

Registrations must be completed before 31 May 2018, directly on the Le Monde de la Propreté website. You will also find more information about the day and the different ways you can take part, including on social media (Facebook and Instagram).

Everyone’s participation will drive the success of this beautiful initiative to showcase the cleaning profession !