MoveWORK Flow, the all-in-one platform for facility management.

MoveWORK Flow generates improved performance for everyone involved in Chain Management.

With a unique global approach that integrates the latest technological innovations, our Cloud and mobile platform enables agile management of facility services. It adapts to your organisation and ensures smooth operations and user comfort.

In real time.

Operation or management. Why choose?

MoveWORK Flow enables agile coordination of services through real-time, 360 people management.

  • It orchestrates all the decision-making flows that represent the heart of the service.
  • It centralises and analyses all your data in real time and restores it in simple management workspaces adapted to your ecosystem.
  • It facilitates coordination between everyone involved in the service chain, taking into account the multiple interactions between people and their environment, helping you make the best decisions.


Real time
Collection and processing of operating data in real time by Points of Interest (POI).
Time and activity management, traceability of operations (patrol and visit management).
Digitisation and management of decision workflows, event management (on-demand services) and action plan.
Quality controls and tables, satisfaction surveys.
Real-time development and management of automated BI dashboards.
Automated business processes and data processing.
Artificial intelligence
Optimised management of employee replacements (requirements, self-managed employee replacement)
Interactive multimedia web portal to manage and federate all participants and data in one secure space.

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Like them, discover what gives our platform its strength!

Hospitality Manager

“What couldn’t I live without?

How easy it is to manage schedules and organise service provider visits. I can put all the processes into the system according to their business lines, coordinate the providers and track all operations. Then you have the workspace and its dashboards designed to meet my needs. Checks, operations, quality controls, attendance, etc., I have access to a lot of accurate and reliable data so I can manage all activities in real time. The app guarantees great mobility and responsiveness when I’m in the field. It’s really handy when I’m running the site and carrying out quality checks with my client.”

Multiservices Director

“In one sentence…?

I love unified and secure management of FM contracts! I had not yet found a SaaS platform that provided such detailed analysis of all the BI components of my customers’ activities. I built control panels for each department (cleaning, reception, security, general maintenance, multitech) and for each of my clients. Reproduction of FM and service providers is done in a very user-friendly workspace. It is a fantastic tool for having a 360 view of activities. Access management is very astute and tailored to all stakeholders that need access to the dashboards.”

Site Manager

“How does MoveWORK Flow make my day-to-day life easier?

In three words: visibility, control and satisfaction. MoveWORK Flow collects nearly 20,000 Points of Interest (POIs) in real time, which gives me ultra-precise and reliable knowledge of the environment. Smart objects provide a huge amount of information that I had no idea about before they were installed. I can visualise the entire Multiservices and Multitech activity in one workspace. With this information, I can check that contracts are respected. I can assess occupant satisfaction and propose new organisations to improve service quality on a daily basis.”

Maintenance technician

“What has changed in my everyday?

Almost everything! Obviously, my job is still hands-on but digital technology has completely changed the situation. I receive maintenance requests from my Manager directly on my smartphone via an app, I declare my presence on site and all my operations remain visible until they are finished (with photos for any compliance issues). This saves a lot of time and is much more comfortable because I can communicate instantly with my manager on his app and the platform. He has everything he needs to supervise the quality of my work.”

Marketing Manager / Occupant

“What do I like most of all?

The app! I can access tons of information and there is a section for personalised services. I can register for an event or book a meeting room wherever I am. I enjoy and appreciate everything the company does for our good conditions at work: cleaning, safety, care for my environment… If there are any problems, smart objects and tablets are very convenient for reporting an issue in a meeting room or in the bathrooms. Nothing stays broken for very long. It’s great!”

Our mobile applications


All the features of MoveWORK Flow optimized and adapted to allow a better experience while on the move!
Our three applications myMissions, myDecisions and myNeeds are downloadable for free
on Apple and Android stores (use in BYOD mode / Bring Your Own Device).

Technical characteristics

Secure European Cloud Service and GDPR Compliant
Multi-account access and interconnection management
Data connectors to Business Intelligence, Table, Microsoft PowerBI, Qlik platforms
Plug & play interfaces with many ERP and business software
Complete SDK to simplify the exchange between your apps and your account data
Management and supervision of hardware connectors with a range of certified hardware and IoT
Management of Points of Interest and unlimited storage capacities
Data updating in real time
Multi-language and multi-time zone platform: France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain

MoveWORK in a few figures

high-availability AWS servers
P.O.I. managed worldwide
queries per day
availability commitment

MoveWORK services

Accelerators of success

  • MoveWORK Customer Care Centre Performance coaching
  • MoveWORK Academy Continuous training
  • MoveWORK Technical Centre Day-to-day technical expertise
  • White label MoveWORK Flow with your logo and colors
  • MoveWORK Consulting Consulting in digital transformation

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