Customer cases

Armonia & Axa

Armonia, a division of Sofinord, is one of the world leaders in facility solutions.

The group helps its customers take over all services related to the work environment and building maintenance, leaving a positive impact on the daily lives of the occupants.

Originally a hospitality expert, the group has a unique position on the market, resolutely focused on User Experience. Among Armonia’s 4,500 customers is a key player in the insurance industry, which wanted assistance and support to manage service requests within thirty agencies in France. A strategic management issue, especially since one of the constraints was to interface with the client’s internal system and synchronise the two platforms.

The MoveWORK solution

Armonia entrusted the MoveWORK teams with the implementation of a unique platform centralising and managing all its service requests and guaranteeing service quality to its client. This platform would also allow data exchange with the client’s internal platform.

A dedicated platform, white label customisation and interface.

Customisation is essential if you want to offer a unique experience to customers and employees. That is why Armonia chose to reappropriate the MoveWORK Flow platform giving it a new name and customising it to perfectly reflect the group’s image and colours. The dedicated platform was also necessary to ensure all the security constraints imposed by the external interfaces were implemented.

Tailor-made support

From the framework and design phase to support for process digitisation and the development of dashboards, Armonia has received tailor-made support from MoveWORK teams to make their platform a real strategic and operational ally, every day. The talented people working on this project played a decisive role in ensuring all functionalities were optimised and perfectly operational for their users. Now certified, Armonia is autonomous in the configuration and use of the platform.

Workspace and decision workflows

The customer’s users directly generate their requests from their internal tool and can also send their requests to Armonia’s teams by email or phone. To centralise requests, a workspace was created and shared between the different stakeholders on the service chain, to dispatch to the right people, track request processing step by step, and ensure compliance with commitments and therefore deliverables. All the data was then modelled into easy-to-use dashboards. Today, this space provides Armonia with a real time vision of all the business flows, to improve processes and even anticipate the needs and demands of the client which can easily interact with its service provider.

Results and benefits

For the client

  • Better management of all service requests within its agencies,
  • Global management of centralised requests with one partner
  • The guarantee of responsibility and compliance with commitments
  • The possibility to focus on its core business by outsourcing its services to the occupants

For Armonia

  • One unique platform to centralise all requests and improve processing
  • Optimisation of resources and operation planning
  • A real difference in the facility services market through service innovation

For the occupants

  • New services of a higher quality, without much change
  • Far easier requests
  • A more positive experience in agencies thanks to a customised, warm welcome