Customer cases

ENGIE Solutions

Born from the merging of the entities that make up ENGIE Axima, ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Ineo and ENGIE Réseaux, ENGIE Solutions is the trusted partner of companies, industries and communities committed to carbon neutrality. ENGIE Solutions supports and helps its customers to improve the competitiveness of their infrastructure, the attractiveness of cities and the comfort of living and working environments. In this context, ENGIE Solutions is required to manage and supervise for its customers numerous service providers throughout the French territory: cleanliness, maintenance of green spaces, multiservices, multitechnique

ENGIE Solutions has entrusted MoveWORK with the implementation of a global solution to supervise its activities, in order to optimise the management of 27 service providers working at 130 different sites (in 6 regions). Thanks to the information collected and aggregated within the MoveWORK Flow platform, ENGIE Solutions has all the information needed to ensure that the various providers in the field meet their commitments.

MoveWORK Flow allows more precisely an efficient management of replacements, absenteeism, accurate and reliable calculation of working times. In addition to the dashboards present in the interface and accessible on the mobile of the managers, the activity reports are sent automatically by email.

Throughout the deployment, ENGIE employees will be able to benefit, without any restrictions, from the advice and personalized follow-up of a Performance Coach thanks to the MoveWORK Customer Care Center. This is a valuable help to ensure that all the actors involved in the management and delivery of services have an optimal use of the platform, the mobile applications and the pointing tools deployed.

Results and benefits

For ENGIE Solutions

  • better monitoring of contractual commitments
  • reliable and realistic vision of interventions fields
  • fewer conflicts and interpretations in the calculation of activity times
  • a greater trust relationship with the end customers

For service providers

  • Saving time and efficiency in the services delivery
  • A clear vision of the actions to be taken
  • Better monitoring of contractual commitments